In Plantera you construct your own garden and watch it develop with new plants, hedges, trees and creatures. As you play and grow your garden you will pull in aides, round blue animals that will help you get things and reap your plants. In the event that you need you can cull trees furthermore, gather plants yourself, or let your aides take the necessary steps for you while you watch or fabricate and put resources into new plants. The assistants will even keep on working while you are most certainly not playing the game, and some new gold ought to dependably be sitting tight for you on your return!It is great to keep your eyes open however as now and again some mean critters will attack your garden. Chase them out yourself or put resources into a watch pooch to keep the request. Go up in level to open new plants, shrubs, trees and creatures and proceed to extend and enhance your garden!
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Date: 2017-03-15

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