Taco Trump Down

Taco Trump Down
Mexican Superhero Taco Man heard that Trump needs to fabricate a divider to keep Mexico out. That made Taco Man furious. Needing to make Mexico extraordinary once more, he snatched his tacos and took off. Flying over Trump's divider, he saw Trump fabricating new things. Towers, dividers, race focuses, and steak houses. With extraordinary readiness, Taco Man started to fling his tacos at Trump's structures, cutting them down one by one, even as the Donald was building them. Taco Man is likewise on a post for some Jalapenos...Taco Trump Down is a great arcade amusement. Taco Man never quits tossing tacos; you control the heading of his flight and in this way where the tacos arrive.
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Date: 2017-03-04

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